Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Changes Everything

By changing two little letters in the html code of the site this morning, The Skinny made a huge leap forward in usability. Through the magic of Google Documents' "List View," we've added what many were asking for and made our tool much more powerful.

You can now sort by any column. For instance, clicking on the "Project" Column heading will put the list in alphabetical order by Project Name. Same goes for any of the column headers.

Even better you can now use the drop-down Menus to filter by any piece of data. Want to see every building that DIGSAU is designing? Just drop down under Architect and select them. This feature works for most of the columns, so this is the best way to find everything in your neighborhood or all of the hotel conversion projects in town.

This new interface is a little awkward at times - for instance, you'll need to set all the drop downs back to (All) if you want to sort by a different category, but it offers a lot of power. Want to find every project that's under construction in Center City and developed by Brandywine? We can do that.


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