Friday, October 5, 2012

Some Tweaks and Updates for Day 2

The Philly Skinny saw an incredible response in its first 24 hours, with over 1500 people visiting the site. An astounding 75 major projects in all phases are now in The Skinny, laying the groundwork for a great resource going forward. Thanks so much to all those who have contributed projects, or just stopped by to see how the city is doing. (We're doing great, by the way.)

In return for all the help you've given, I've made some changes and updates that have been going live as I've finished them, but to recap, I've added:
  • "???" has been placed in any cell where we're missing information. If you know a missing tidbit, you can click on the ??? and it will take you to the "Feedback" form in a new tab. Please give your information a little context, i.e. "Cira Center South will be 30 floors."
  • The Skinny Map now features colored dots corresponding to project phase. 
  • In response to multiple requests, if you click on the little rendering of each project, a full size version of that image will open in a new tab. This doesn't seem to be working properly right now. I'll try it again later.
Still to come are better sorting and searching options for the Skinny and the Map. There's still lots of holes, missing projects, and lost bits of information in the Skinny, so if you know something, say something. Thanks again for all the help, and let me know how we can make the site better. 

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